Academic Research

I present a list of citations of some of the more prolific researchers in sports betting markets and research on modelling sports trading, arbitrage and money management.

Lists of Citations

Association Football - a sport made for in-play trading

Betting Market Efficiency - research on the efficiency of betting markets

Edward O. Thorp - champion of Kelly Criterion on the blackjack tables and in financial markets

Exotic Wagering - forecasts, trifectas, exactas and synthetics

Horse Racing - opportunities for pre-race and in-play fundamental and technical trading

Kelly Criterion - maximising the return on your sports trading invesment

Leighton Vaughan Williams - Britain's answer to William Ziemba

Sports Arbitrage - for pure and statistical arbitrage

Tennis - another sport suited to in-play trading

William T. Ziemba - Doctor Z, author of Beat the Racetrack and countless articles on sports betting markets