A list of videos from conferences that I feel will be of use to the mathematically minded (winning investor).

William takes us through the gambling inspired beginnings of probability theory, expected value, winning at blackjack, Kelly criterion and modelling horse races.

A lecture given by Dr Noah Silverman, at UCLA, where he expands on some of William Benter's work.

Steven explains how he modelled Jai Alai matches using Monte Carlo methods to profit from the parimutuel market at Jai Alai stadia.

How Science is Taking the Luck out of Gambling

Author of The Perfect Bet, Adam Kucharski traces the scientific origins of the world's best gambling strategies during a Royal Institution lecture.

Floored - is a 2009 documentary looking at the transition on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange from open outcry pit trading to electronic trading. The video may be of interest to those who wish to understand the importance of automation in sports trading as it too will surely see the end of manual trading too.

What is a quant trader? - a very useful insight into the world of the quant developer. The interviewee works in the financial market but everything in the interview is applicable to automated sports trading.

Million Dollar Traders - eight amateurs are given a chance to trade for a hedge fund.