This website was created to educate aspiring sports traders. The content provides insight into the minds of experienced traders and common mistakes for beginners to avoid.

A trait amongst losing traders is laziness, an unwillingness to self-educate, an inability to distinguish between good and bad advice, and the belief that trading is easy and a guarantor of financial success.

Presented here is an index of past articles on this website that attempt to direct beginners in the right direction. The index is a work in progress. Articles might be updated for clarity or to make them more relevant to current trends. New articles might be added where applicable, if deemed necessary. Certainly, articles on Bitcoin, crypto currency and finance in general will be written.

Mathematics of Trading

Be wary of traders who claim to be able to trade without mathematical ability or downplay the need for mathematical knowledge. I am constantly surprised at "educators" publishing in print and online without any recourse to mathematics. It can only mean that they have no understanding of mathematics, which must make one doubt all of their claims.

I cannot emphasize enough that if you struggle with mathematics or have no interest in the subject then you will lose money when trading. Sports trading and betting is not an activity where willpower alone can make you money. A losing system loses money in the long-run. You cannot hope for success, you have to plan for it, mathematically.

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It's all about the 'arb'.

You've gained a mathematical insight into sports betting markets and you've come to the conclusion that one way or another profit is geared to finding arbitrage situations.

Most people active on the exchanges will understand the pure arb, finding a back offered by one bookmaker/exchange that can be immediately profited from with a lay on another website. But it is not all about pure arbitrage. There are other arbs, namely; statistical arbitrage, synthetic bets and bonus arbitrage (also called matched betting).

Algorithmic Trading

Purveyors of manual trading software will deny that trading by hand is ultimately doomed. If you have understood the mathematics of trading and building trading systems then the final step to automate the entire process of building systems and implementing them.

A true trading system is one that can be tested to be repeatedly profitable. If the system can be repeated then it can be built into an algorithmic trading system. An algorithmic trading system frees the trader to get on with their life, their family and look after their health. No more sitting in front of a desk for hours on end, getting weary and making mistakes.

A system that cannot be made into a series of logical steps is not a system at all. Performing logical steps is what computers do best and humans do not. In finance, trading pits have given way to algotrading. Sports trading has headed in the same direction.

Educational Material

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Artificial Intelligence

We are entering the third era of AI with Deep Learning being touted as the technique that will bring profound changes to AI and its uses for humanity. AI has become expert at games such as chess and go when it was thought that such games would not be mastered for decades to come.

In finance, AI and automation is playing a greater role. Undoubtedly, we will see big players in AI and automation cornering sports markets.

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