How Science is Taking the Luck out of Gambling

Author of The Perfect Bet, Adam Kucharski traces the scientific origins of the world's best gambling strategies during a Royal Institution lecture.

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  1. Hi James! I have a bachelor degree in mathematics and i'm starting my journey in the world of sport trading. I'm looking for some quantitative books to develop a good strategy but I always find books that are too simple or that does not contain any good information. I'm looking for a strong quantitative book which talks about the tools a trader need, but with a strong mathematical/statistical approach. Can you help me? Thanks

    1. Hello Pasquale. You will soon discover that sports and financial trading are different beasts with some commonality. My book, Betfair Trading Techniques attempts to narrow down sports trading avenues, so that the newcomer/intermediate can focus on precisely quantitative methods. Other books on the left-hand side of this blog have been carefully selected by me to assist further. Are there courses on technical/quantitative sports trading? No. Are there other courses. Yes. Will they help? No. You are on your own. If you have good statistics and probability theory then you are half way there. With plenty of data collected (see my other book Programming for Betfair) and the creation of mathematical models to discover mis-priced events then you have a chance. James.

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