Recent Work

Programming for Betfair, a book I wrote to show traders how easy it is to write their own bot, continues to sell. All abilities have bought the book; from beginner programmers, to beginner algo-traders, to experienced traders who want to build something better than existing third-party software.

Beginner programmers have followed the instructions in the book without difficulty. Many beginners have vowed to learn how to program so that they can extend their bot to do exactly what they require from it.

Using Microsoft's Visual Studio makes learning how to program very easy. Beginner algo-traders find the book useful as I explain the nuts and bolts of building an algo-trading application. Experienced traders too are using the book to quickly get their ideas down in code.  Coding your own trading software means that you don't have to pay a monthly subscription fee to a vendor.

Algo-trading is all about finding your own niche and exploiting it before others do so. Above all, people are using the book to build applications that are tailored to their needs without having to give away their ideas to third-party developers. Discussing strategies with others will always result in your strategy failing as others will arbitrage away any edge there might have been.

Initially, there were a few teething problems with Betfair's API-NG, which have now been rectified both by Betfair on their servers and by myself in the book through an online addendum. Betfair received a copy of the book and now Betfair endorses Programming fro Betfair as an ideal way for people to learn how to code API-NG applications.

As promised I have been helping beginner coders solve any problems they have been having with understanding the book. There has only been one negative review of the book and that was by a person who had no real problem with the book's content. They just didn't understand the philosophy of not being tied to third-party software and the advatanges that gives you when searching for a trading edge.

Third-party software forces the user to trade in a particular way. With thousands of users of software such as that produced by BetAngel or AGT there are a lot of people trading in a similar fashion, which reduces their edge. When you code your own trading software anything is possible. You are limited only by your imagination.

I have made a start on my next book, which will introduce computational methods for strategy and money management optimisation. As with the first book, I am writing programs that I feel epitomise my trading philosphy and then I will base the book around the program code that I will give to the reader.

To guarantee that the programs I am writing are suited to the task, I am currently developing a new trading strategy for technical trading pre-race horse betting markets. Utilising evolutionary computation and Monte Carlo simulation I will build and demonstrate tools that every algo-trader should have with which to find an edge.


  1. James, like many, I feel that the only way to create any edge in the betfair markets is to tailor the software to match your aims. Reading thro your website has been a treat as this is exactly what I've been doing for the past year or so (with limited success!).

    I would be interested to know if your second book is close to publication yet as the pre-race horse markets are my main target at the moment. Such a book would definitely take me from the basement to street level and allow me to confidently put strategies into play that I currently have no real feel for due to testing and outcome rigour.

    Keep me posted as this is on my radar now and is fueling lots of anticipation :)

    All the best

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      The new book is still on-going. All I can say is that it will be published sometime this year. Hopefully, in the summer.

      The book will focus on pre-race trading of horse racing markets by way of examples but can be tailored for any sport.

      I am being very thorough with the work and don't want to put out anything that is not worthy of such a publication.

  2. Bought the book to initially collect data as fracsoft taking too long and now I will be able to have timestamped data for free. Never used vb before but quite a bit of vba experience which enabled me to understand enough to modify for my requirements. Bit nervous about actually coding something to place bets at the moment. Might need a drink to hit the start button for that lol. Keep posting :-)

    1. You can never read enough. Research is the first tool in a trader's armoury.

      Always be looking to do something new that nobody else has done. People who trade in the same old way tend to lose in the same old way.