Windows 10 Upgrade

I have taken the plunge and upgraded to Windows 10. One does have one's limit and after six months of messaging from Microsoft, after each morning's boot-up, I finally clicked the upgrade button. I lost a few hours of my day and updates have been uploading since.

The upgrade was left for about half a year whilst those braver than I found the majority of bugs and reported them to Microsoft so that updates could be implemented. After two days of using Windows 10, I feel as though the operating system runs more smoothly than Windows 7, although I might be imagining that. Maybe there is some psychological reason for doing so.

With many sales of Programming for Betfair, over the Christmas period, I assumed that people would also be upgrading their hardware. Therefore, I wanted to know if I would have to update the code in the book to accommodate the new operating system. Last night I ran the code in Programming for Betfair and discovered just the one bug, which has now been rectified and added to the addenda. Current owners of the book will find it in the usual place.

I have started coding a new version of the EDDIE software, which I created in the mid-90s. Called "EDDIE Baby" (a Monty Python quote) the platform will incorporate both Genetic Algorithm and Genetic Programming in an ingenious way. EDDIE Baby will provide algo-traders using Programming for Betfair with an automated design process for trading rule creation.

After a few revisions, I think my next book will be less ambitious than I had originally planned and will just be a book about artificial intelligence methods (I might add Monte Carlo too) for trading on Betfair. If I try to write a longer book then it may never get published. It was always my intention to publish my thirty plus years of sports trading research. Doing so in small tranches will probably ensure that it all gets done afore I walk through the doors of the great bookie in the sky.