If You Must Publish a Profit & Loss Blog...

I'm reading one of those profit and loss blogs at the moment. You know the type, "Look at me. Ego the size of a planet. I'm going to master sports trading football, horse racing, cricket, tennis, shinty and shove ha'penny, whilst forex trading and juggling chainsaws all at the same time."

Fine. Good for you. But please try and be consistent in your "journal". If on the first day of the month you posted a loss then your monthly tally cannot and can never be positive.

  • Figures that don't add up are an obvious hint to readers that you are not telling the truth. Maybe you made a mistake but if you cannot add up then you're in the wrong game. 
  • Dropping a strategy from your portfolio when it begins to go south so that you can quietly remove its losses from your monthly figures makes you look like a clown. 
  • Deleting pages from your blog because they contain details of previous losses is very unprofessional.

No wonder the majority of these bloggers don't post their real names. You can fool yourself but it's the people you fool into losing their money on the back of your false claims that I worry about.