10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success

A face that will be recognisable to those who saw the Million Dollar Traders series is that of Anton Kreil. Anton set up The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (no longer extant) in 2010 to "educate, coach and mentor aspirational traders into becoming long term consistently profitable".

In the following video Anton gives an on the hoof interview about his philosophy of wealth creation. The video is over an hour long so I recommend that you watch the introduction up until the haircut (actual haircut not financial haircut) and then click on the 10 links (in the Show More section of YouTube) that highlight Anton's philosophy.

One bullet point that is of particular interest to me is "Build and Own your own Infrastructure", which is an aspect that I am currently working on. When I was younger it was always drummed into me that only poor people rented houses and that "you are nobody without a mortgage and your own home". When I bought my first property in London, whilst working in The City, I soon realised that when you have a mortgage you don't own a property until that mortgage is cleared. Instead, you have a liability (the mortgage) and not an asset (the house). Ideally the individual does not want any liabilities, just assets.

These days I do not own a house. I prefer the freedom of being able to move around as my work does not tie me to any one location. I make good use of long-term rents, short-term cheap AirBnB rooms and any free house sitting opportunities in places where I want to go. This also means that I do not waste money on insurance (property, contents or personal), which may never pay out. Not once do I feel "cheap" about the way I treat money or use it. I am in control of my money with no worries about conforming.

As I say in previous articles I am very much into generating scalable incomes that are providing wealth 24/7, even when I am asleep. Using bots to allocate my capital, and daytime activities such as writing and educating to create additional income streams.

Anton also discusses educating yourself and not being programmed to behave as society would like you to. Western society is geared to perpetuating itself with good little consumers and debt creators. Forget consumption, avoid debt, create wealth!

"Mainstream Media is Useless. Don’t consume it," says Anton. I couldn't agree more. All news is propaganda. The media is a tool of the Establishment used to create consumers and debtors, and to instill fear of being outside of the herd. Watch the Establishment in overdrive in the lead up to the Brexit referendum, "Vote for Brexit and you will lose your job, your home, your friends, the Sun will explode and all life will become extinct."

If you follow the herd then all you will make is the same amount of money as everyone else in the herd. You have to be outside of the herd to have the chance of being better than the herd.

And, I don't have a mobile phone. I have two email addresses, one for people I know and one for people I don't. That helps me to get my communications done the moment I wake up and then the rest of the day is geared towards wealth creation.