Acknowledgement from Betfair for my Book

I am gratified to learn that Betfair has read my book, Programming for Betfair, and has now linked to it in the Learning section of their website. The Learning section has articles teaching aspects of sports trading from various experts in their field and is well worth a read.

Also, I have received a request from Betfair with regards to collaborative work relating to the future release of market and order streaming, which will be an addition to the existing API-NG. This addition will offer great efficiencies with market changes being streamed to a user's application rather than the application having to request them.

At present a trading application has a timer which polls Betfair's servers for data updates. With streaming a user subscribes to a market and any updates are served automatically to the user's application the moment any change occurs.. For example, you can subscribe to all of the day's races and when an order is placed on a market or an order is taken on the market's order book then your application will be notified. 

Streaming offers sports traders a more CPU efficient method for accessing Betfair's exchange so that on the traders' side the CPU has more time for calculating trading algorithms and presenting data to aid decision making.

The addition of streaming to API-NG will augment the existing API and not replace it. The current API-NG will still be the core of the API and will be necessary for placing and monitoring bets. I will keep you all informed as and when I am able to.

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