Look After Yourself!

I take this opportunity to remind people to look after their number one asset, their health. Money is one thing but without good health you are not going to enjoy a single penny of your wealth. For the past week I have been away from my desk suffering from eye strain. I am currently typing this with a wireless keyboard, well away from the screen.

When you spend all of your working life and a lot of your recreational time in front of a screen then looking after your eyes is a prime concern. I am booked in for an eye test on Wednesday. Hopefully, it will be for no more than some reading glasses and nothing worse, such as glaucoma.

Without sight I should think my life would be pretty much over. Every penny I have ever earned has required sight. I can't imagine typing another word if I lost my vision. There is speech recognition software and transcription services but at the age of 50, I am an old dog. I must look after my eyes until I breathe my last and so should you. Take nothing for granted.

I apologise if there are any typos but I can't see the screen clearly at this distance. Also, apologies to readers of my book contacting me for clarifications. I will be away from my screen for sometime and unable to reply.