Back to Work

Completing the book was a long six months, full of doubts and rewrites. I am glad that the book is finished so that I can contemplate new projects.  But just because I have put all my code into a book doesn't mean that I have nothing left to write on this blog. My observations of bot trading on Betfair will continue and decrying some of the nonsense you read elsewhere.

There is more code to write, which will probably find its way into another book in the years to come. Then there are my investments to catch up with. I am very much a believer of "getting rich slowly". Not everyone can be an Elon Musk or Richard Branson, creating a string of successful money making products. In fact, very few of us can. It's all part of the normal distribution. There is little space at the top of the distribution peak for many people. Every winner needs a loser and every big winner needs a lot of losers. 

Be happy with what you have and make the most of it. By all means try to improve your lot but don't gamble for it. Invest wisely with your time to increase your knowledge and invest wisely with your capital to increase your wealth. There are many who win big only to lose big later. You can make a lot of money quickly and lose it just as quickly. It's all about risk and reward. The more risk you take the bigger the reward but also the bigger the potential loss. 

I am sure you have seen plenty of blogs where people run up large wins at the beginning and then the blog ends abruptly. Blogs where people proudly boast their winnings but withhold their losses, even manipulating the figures or starting over so as to hide their failings. Sports trading is only a small part of what I do. I am in no hurry to make large sums of money. Approaching my fiftieth year means that the money I have gained from working for others is all the money I will ever have from that route and so I have to invest wisely. Today I only earn what I can scrape off the Internet. I have money in Peer 2 Peer investment sites, I write about trading, I code trading strategies, I do the odd consultancy job, gathering money here and there. My life is varied and its my own. No nine to five and no manager. Time for a holiday.