Level Stakes Betting

I don't recommend level stakes betting. You will hear it said, "A system that can't make money at level stakes is a losing system." That is correct but it is hardly going to make you wealthy. Level stakes success is just another way of saying, "My system statistically picks more winners than losers."

Would you bet level stakes if someone promised you inside information? Of course not. If a cricketer has been bought by a syndicate to throw no-balls and you are a member of that syndicate, then you are going to bet every last penny that you have.

Level stakes is just a pencil and paper exercise to test if your system works or not. In fact, you don't even need to pretend that you are staking anything, level or not. Just do the maths, prove your system works and then look through your statistics for your edge over quoted odds. Use that edge as described in Kelly Criterion to place your bet. Maximise your return!

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