The Search for Edge

I thought I would take another look at the search keywords that have brought people to this website. Sometimes, the keywords remind me of an old article that I reread and decide it needs to be reworked so as to get the point over more succinctly. Other keywords alert me to the need to add new articles. Let's have a look at some of the search keywords that brought people to this website.

My previous article titled Gaming Betfair? was ingeniously linked to by the Google search engine with the keywords "hoovering betfair". I guess gaming and hoovering can be regarded as synonymous in this context. However, hoovering suggests a certain ease to picking up pennies in front of a steamroller. Trader247's website demonstrates that hoovering up pennies is possible but not easy.

There are no simple 'rinse and repeat' strategies that you can apply to Betfair and guarantee a steady income stream. Although many of my strategies have been based on a theme, none of the strategies last intact for anywhere close to a year, requiring scrappage or reoptimising and other less subtle changes.

"Betfair secrets the pros use" is a common search phrase I see on my website's statistics page. I am sorry that the website does not provide them in the fashion the person using that phrase was expecting. I assume he spent less than a minute on this website and was soon looking at another, more forthcoming but, perhaps, less realistic website.

Secrets are secrets. An edge shared is still an edge halved. If I give or sell you a secret then it's no longer a secret. As my About page says, publicly I am only in the business of releasing a lifetime's worth of research for beginners and experts alike to do with as they please. Any edge is kept for my own use or for those making use of the consultancy side of my work.

The search phrase "day in the life of a sports trader" is also the title of an article I have sitting on my hard drive in draft form but I have yet to publish it. Primarily because it is so dreary. No poolside selfies from me, courtesy of a cheap AirBnB holiday.

Instead, my life consists of programming tools to manipulate, visualise, and back-test data. If I get out then it is (was after leaving the London area) to meet shabby looking, caffeine addicts running syndicates. Otherwise, I was on Skype, talking to people in the Far East discussing latency issues with their setup between Europe and elsewhere. Once, I got to visit the Football Pools office in Liverpool whilst consulting but enough of the glamorous side of my work, people might get jealous and want to emulate me.