The Management Would Like A Word

Oh, what tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!

Marmion - Walter Scott, 1808.

Today, we have access to many fine doctors who prescribe medicines that cure our illnesses. These medicines are manufactured by highly skilled pharmaceutical companies. However, our health system was not always like this.

In the past there were doctors of lesser quality, who not only cured the sick but who also produced the cure. We called these doctors quacks or snake oil salesmen. They told us that they knew what ailed us and that only they had the cure.

There was much malpractice, in those less enlightened and unregulated times. Often a quack would misdiagnose solely to sell more of the medicine they produced. They would also invent ailments and misdiagnose those too. Not only that but the medicine was often useless and sometimes harmful.

Today, sports betting and trading is no different from Victorian medicine. The web is awash with snake oil salesmen, promising us all untold wealth if only we would buy their cure. And like the cures of the past, many are sold without regulation and most are useless.

Tips are the snake oil of today, sold by charlatan tipsters. Matched betting is preached as a method for dragging the poor into prosperity. eBooks are sold by quacks from their websites rather than being reviewed and sold through independent booksellers. Trading courses are offered by untrained and unregulated ministers of supreme knowledge.

Recently, I was contacted by someone who wanted to "have a chat" with me. They wanted to put me straight, to make me understand their position. I declined. Some of what I have written went against their self-perception. Their desire to be in full control of the message on their website and on independent websites meant that I had to be put in my place.

Business is business. Vendors have product to shift and need to protect the message, the message that trading is not hard and anyone can succeed. I have just one aim on this website, to tell the truth. On this website I will tell you how hard it is to trade and that most will fail. A vendor will sell you some software and a training course with no caveats. In a zero-sum game, the majority of traders have to fail in order to compensate the lucky few who win large sums through skill or through luck.

Because my message is different there are those who feel I should be silenced. After all, who is going to buy miracle cures if the salesmen admit that most of their cures don't work and any that do only cure a few. You won't find me publishing profit and loss figures because they can be faked or they can mean revert, if I won through luck alone or because my financial resources may be greater than yours, forcing you to take greater risks. Nor will I post videos showing you successful trades because they too can be faked. It is a simple task to make video after video until the desired effect is found.

I only publish techniques and tools, not strategies that will soon loose their edge, and do so through Amazon, where it can be independently reviewed. The risks will be emphasised to you so that you know trading is not easy. And, I will continue to point out instances where others have lied, misled or have given less than rigorous mathematical statements. A person is never as good as they say they are. They are only as good as they can be proven to be, by others.