How To Get Out Of A Bad Scalping Trade

Every so often I like to look at the search queries that brought people to my website through Google. Here are this month's queries with my answers after each one. 

"how to get out of a bad scalping trade betfair" 

By not getting into a scalping trade in the first place. 

Do not under any circumstance try averaging or double-down with a Martingale. I do suggest that you take the loss and then learn something from the experience by reading this website.

"best methods for betfair scalping" 

Other than closing your eyes, clicking the Back or Lay button at random and then clicking the other button after 1 second, there are no "best methods". However, vendors of third-party trading software will tell you otherwise and so too will people who learned all about scalping 10 minutes ago.

"betfair horse trading back early"

The early bird catches the worm, I think. 

"betfair money way" 

Probably some marketing nonsense. 

"betfair scalping" 

See answer to "best methods for betfair scalping". 

"how many car lengths is a second in horse racing" 

That is some weird imagery. I don't think there's any edge in it though. 

"how many horse lengths per second" 

For some reason I get a lot of websites with half-naked females asking this question therefore I don't think I can give an answer that would "satisfy" the questioners. You can also read this page.

"its all about data by matthews trenhaile" 

Former odds compiler Matthew Trenhaile disappeared from the sports trading ether a number of months ago but yes, it is all about data. 

"spread trading" 

Not something I have dealt with since trading index and oil futures. It's pretty much dead as far as sports trading is concerned.