The Punter's Revenge

Here's an old book from my shelf, The Punter's Revenge. I must have bought it a good twenty years ago, as can be seen from its condition. A well-thumbed read whose binding is coming loose.

I first came across evolutionary computation when I attended a lecture in 1987. The lecturer mentioned BEAGLE (Biological Evolutionary Algorithm Generating Logical Expressions), which I attempted to replicate on a ZX Spectrum with limited results.

Later, in my PhD I contacted one of the authors, Tony Drapkin, to talk about all things horse racing. I must contact him again to see what's new after all these years. The book contains information on statistics, bookmaking, prediction of horse races and football games. There is plenty of BASIC code, originally for the BBC Micro but all easily portable. There is also mention of other gambling propositions such as roulette and poker.

Due to the book's age there is no mention of betting exchanges just fixed odds and pools coupons. Still, there is plenty in the book for the beginner.

You can still pick up a copy on Amazon - The Punter's Revenge