There is an adage which says, "Never meet your heroes," which is an attempt to warn us that we might be disappointed if I we do. Generally, we idolise someone for a particular reason and not for their whole being. We might play a sport in our spare time and idolise an exponent of the game for their skill and not for any aspect of their private life that we might find abhorrent.

As a child I was a fan of Bjorn Borg, at the time known as The Ice Borg because of his calm exterior. Certainly, a player to model myself on. However, his private life was chaotic and he was burned out by the age of 25. Borg's last year at the top showed him in a new light, without the calm exterior, arguing with umpires. But Borg was a proven winner. His trophy cabinet - if he had one - was a testament to that.

In sports trading there is a tendency amongst beginners to latch on to those who they think are winners. The hope is that they will learn something (very difficult in an edge driven zero-sum game) or that association is enough to imbue the powers of their idol within themselves. However, proving that these idols are what they say they are is far from easy.

Cassini has performed some excellent investigative journalism on a certain Mr Sunshine to demonstrate that all is not as it seems. An apparent playboy lifestyle acted out online with holiday snaps, cheap beer and an extremely dodgy photo (meant as an April Fool's joke) that will hardly endear him to any lady followers.

Another well-known trader/vendor appears to be constantly defending his reputation on Twitter due to accusations that he no longer trades. If you had a multi-million pound trading software business and five directorships in various companies would you waste your time on low margin trading unless it was part of your marketing narrative?

Those that lack confidence always need affirmation that they are following the right path. Be it struggling traders latching onto those they believe are successful or vendors for whom this is the first time in their lives that anyone has paid them any attention.

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