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A recent article on Cassini's website concerns Warren Buffett and what he does to accumulate wealth. Some might be surprised to learn that most days Buffett eats a cheap McDonald's breakfast. Many of the world's billionaires are misers and so it is not surprising that Buffett eats a cheap breakfast. Although $2.61 is a little pricey for my liking. I can just about eat for a whole day on that amount.

Too many people who aspire to being rich think only of the things they want to buy when they run into good fortune. Think of all the lottery winners who lose their millions in a short space of time. People don't become multi-millionaires by spending money. The exact opposite is true. The rich go out of their way not to spend anything at all.

You are not going to get rich by constantly spending your capital on items that lose value the moment you hand over your cash. Only through the purchase of assets that appreciate in value are you going to increase your wealth.

I came to the realisation that you must apsire to be a producer or, at least, not a consumer so that you can attain and grow wealth. Desiring the latest gadgets only enriches the billionaires, which is why billionaires invest in advertising to coax you into throwing away your hard-earned money. Filling your life with consumer items is a waste of money that should be used to buy assets. Trading simply to fill your life with trinkets that depreciate in value is not a sensible idea.

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