My Fun Has Only Just Begun

A new vista tonight, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. A little breezey perhaps. It is so good to be back in the green, verdant green that is. I can see much tennis and sailing ahead (N.B. Cassini, I don't own a yacht!), plus newly inspired writing.

During my journey here I was reading about something called Stockholm Syndrome, whereby a kidnap victim or hostage begins to have feelings of trust or affection towards their captor, the longer they remain with them. 

Such a thing has happened in famous kidnapping cases, where the victim has spent many years with their captor. Once released from captivity their first concern is for their captor and not their long-lost relatives.

This had me wondering if there is also a financial version of the syndrome, whereby those who have paid monthly subscriptions, over many years, for something they believe is going to make them wealthy. This would count as a form of captivity and even though they never get any wealthier, they keep on subscribing. If told that they are wasting their money they will attack those trying to help them see sense.

What shall we call it, Oslo Obsequiousness? Maybe that is too big a word for some victims to understand.

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