An Honest Tennis Match

I have no desire to waste my life at a desk (just most of it) and so I have rejoined my tennis club until the onset of autumn. My cycle racing days are long gone. The bikes, tools and other equipment having been auctioned off a few years ago. It was sad to see my Roy Cottingham frame go (hence this article has a photo of my old bike and not me playing tennis) but at least it has gone to a collector. Roy was a local builder of frames and a road racer too who sadly became paralysed, preventing him from racing again. I believe he took his life because he could no longer ride.

I feel as though I should be as active as I can but I can't help being jealous of people who die in their nineties having exercised nothing more than their cigarette lighter and their elbow. If I had that lifestyle then I am sure this website would never have been created due to its potential writer having expired decades ago.

Today, the weather was rather wet and so I went to the local indoor courts rather than my club and played doubles against three pensioners. Being a fifty year-old with arthritis evened things up somewhat so I have no guilty feelings about beating up on those older than myself. Besides, I always get lumbered with the most geriatric of the bunch so I was lucky to end the session 7-5 2-6. The prize, a defibrillation machine was shared by all.

On returning home I found I had twisted a neck muscle but at least my heart will be a quanta stronger whilst I recover, sitting at a desk wasting my life, over the next few days. At least the pain was relieved by a post from Cassini at Green All Over (America's #1 Sports Blog!). It was good that a recent comment of mine on his website inspired another old boy back into action. The sports trader blogosphere will be all the more barren if Cassini hangs up his quill.

I have only one negative thing to say about Green All Over and that is Cassini's habit of quoting you and then adding a few more quotes from other people only without attribution. This creates the impression that every quote in his post was by yourself, which is not the case in today's post, Bold Ambition. Still, it's a good article as are all the posts on Green All Over. And now for a power nap, lasting about 24 hours!

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