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To be precise, the only two sports betting blogs I read. Whilst recovering from eyestrain, waiting for a glasses prescription to be completed and for an appointment with an opthalmologist, I have tried to stay away from monitor screens. I can't even do my hobby, which is microelectronics, as the damned components are too small. I am building a modular anaolgue synthesizer but I keep jabbing the soldering iron into my free hand because I can't see what I'm doing.

To alleviate some boredom I have read a little but only in short bursts. Thankfully, I don't get as much email regarding my book Programming for Betfair as I used to now that Betfair has stopped changing things on the server side and the book's addenda is complete. I have done a little catch-up reading of the two sports betting blogs that I read. I don't read the majority of sports betting blogs as they are quite dull, especially thre profit and loss type. They all remind me of Jimmy Cagney standing on top of a gas storage tank in the 1949 gangster movie White Heat, shouting, "Made it, Ma! Top of the world!" just before the tank blows up taking Jimmy with it.

"Ma! I just hit a losing streak!"

Many profit and loss blogs are here today and gone tomorrow, rather like Mr Cagney in White Heat. They have nothing to offer but boasts and not much else. Certainly they don't help aspiring bettors and traders. I don't like them because they make sports betting look easy when it is anything but that. I worry that people with little finances and less intellect will gamble all their money away if they imagine that sports trading offers untold wealth. Yes, I understand that adults have every right to blow their money on anything they want. I just don't think I could stomach someone reading something I wrote, betting their livelihood on it and losing everything.

The sports betting blogs that I do read are not of the profit and loss type. Those blogs are Green All Over and Sports Trader. Neither of them have anything to sell, be it tips, courses or merchandise. I have had a few mentions from Cassini, the nom de plume of Green All Over and here I return the compliment. I can't say that I am all that interested in association football or baseball but I do like the analysis of a sport and the modelling of a trading strategy, which Cassini so eloquently does with his wig and pen. Also, Green All Over contains a lot of philosophy of sports trading that I enjoy reading, mixed in with off-topic and more general investment content. 

I notice in Cassini's reading list that like myself he reads Zero Hedge, a news website for people who don't trust anyone in the establishment, be they politicians, bankers or the well-healed. There are some interesting articles on Zero Hedge that give a different slant to our own propaganda media outlets on poltics, finance and economics. However, you have to read Zero Hedge with a barrow load of salt as most of it is just contrarianism. The comments section of each post seems to be populated by red-necks and people of low intellect so that part of Zero Hedge is best ignored.

Sports Trader, written by Matekus, another nom de plume, only writes half a dozen times a year but each post is a gem with the two most recent posts entitled Volatility Drag As Time Averaging and Doubling Rate Entropy and Kullback-Leibler Divergence. The posts of Matekus are impenetrable to those without sufficient maths and finance knowledge but thought provoking if you do understand the posts.

Matekus is a bit of an enigma in that he has a lot of interest in US horse racing (he has written about horse racing with a US perspective on US horse racing forums) and yet I have tracked Matekus down to the Bet Angel forum and his blog has a ending so I am guessing that he is English. He would also appear to be from a finance background. The articles on Sports Trader tend to cover the fundamental side of sports trading  (not something that I do) but the articles do make me think about new avenues of research. Again there is no mention of winnings or losses. I can only imagine that such attention to detail has been rewarded with some profit.

So there you have it. I read just two sports betting blogs that make me think rather than make me wonder why I am not making obscene amounts of money like the P&L blogs, which is probably just as well as I doubt that most of the P&L blogs are telling the whole truth.

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